Stash your little black dress in the hall closet,
and go for white. White looks good on almost everyone.
There’s a reason that brides all look beautiful.
White brightens up your face,
It adds a luminous quality to your winter pallor
or lets you show off your tropical tan.

There are no makeup rules with white.
You can go for a natural look, or vamp it
up with exagerrated eyeliner and pale lips for a Mod effect.

Though white means an absence of color,
this season presents a
rainbow of snowy options.

Classic White-
Try a crisp white blouse or soft cashmere sweater,
to update your office attire.

Pearly White-
Perfect for a romantic night out,
or holiday dinners with the family.
Everyone will be envious of your seasonal glow.

Icy White-
Head to toe white on New Years Eve will turn
quite a few heads. Whether its a simple sheath at Ghost,
or flowing pantsuit, You can’t go wrong with white.

Shimmer not Glitter

For a high voltage evening look add a little sparkle.
Couturiers Versace, Valentino, Oscar de la Renta,
Ralph Lauren and others, have all added a spark to their holiday collections.
Everything from bustiers to simple knits
have been transformed with a hint of shine.
The key is subtlety, Think diamonds not rhinestones,
Princess Grace not Liberace.

If you’re too timid to take the glittery plunge,
try accessorizing a simple dress with some beaded pumps,
a la Manohlo Blahnik, or an eye catching evening bag.


No longer limited to the jumprope set,
Ponytails have been turning heads on all the Runways.
Worn high at the crown at the Donna Karan and Calvin Klein shows;
twisted into elaborate knots at Helmut Lang and Max Mara;
or gathered at the nape of the neck at Karl Lagerfeld;
The designers have voted the humble ponytail this season’s perfect “Do”.

Presenting an antidote to last years teased,
sprayed, Mall Hair, the ponytail is appropriate in corporate or couture settings.


With hair gathered back , the focus is once again on the eyebrow.
Although there is no definitive eyebrow look this season,
the focus is on well groomed stylish brows.
The once browless Kristen Mcmenamy has updated her look to a wispy,
bare style which shows off her eyes.

At the Jean Paul Gaultier collection,
models were shown with pasted on vinyl
brows, or double painted brows.

The majority of women opt for a look that falls
somewhere in between the previous two extremes.

The most important thing to remember is not to be
browbeaten by all the trends.
If you are unsure how to get the look that’s right for you
have your eyebrows plucked by a professional for the first time.

To tame unruly brows, N.Y. based makeup
artist Raquella suggests using a spot of
hair gel or vaseline. If your brows are barely there,
she suggests using an eyeshadow slightly darker than the brows, and using a brush gently
filling in the bare spots.

Classic Camel

Topping things off is the classic camel coat.
This is not your Mother’s camel coat
This season offers a melange of styles and colors.
Both Miu Miu and Gianni Versace offer subtle
variations on the Mod look.
Worn well above the knee with schoolboy collars and buttons ,
these coats offer a hip combination of two great looks.

Jean Franco Ferre’ ,Claude Montana and Chanel offer
a looser interpretation of this fashion staple.
Deeper armholes and funkier collars update the classic look.

Whatever your personal style there’s a camel coat out there for you.
If you make only one fashion investment this season
– make yours a camel.